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My off-season training plan

The 2017 OCR season is almost over and I have started thinking about my off season training and what my next year will look like. First of all there is one major thing I have decided I will change in my workout routine, both for off-season and for the season, and that is rest days! Going forward Friday will be my rest day, where focus will be on stretching, yoga and mobility. This is simply in an effort to give my body better opportunity to recover between workouts, which is something that I have not been very good at in the past. I am actually really excited about this, and it is definitely something I have not prioritised at all previously. Training and races My training week will consist of 4 running sessions, 2 strength sessions, two bouldering sessions, and 1 rest day. It is similar to now, except for the fact that I used to do 3 strength sessions and no rest days. Hopefully this change will have a have a positive impact on my performance. As for what my 2018 OCR rac