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Motivation - how to keep it once you find it! Part 2

Motivation is fundamental if you want to reach any goal you set out. Taylor (2009) states that "motivation in sports is so important because you must be willing to work hard in the face of fatigue, boredom, pain, and the desire to do other things." However, once you get started your level of motivation might drop, so what are you going to do about that?

At one point in your training you will most likely start to feel that it is no fun anymore, you might be tired, or in pain. However, according to Taylor (2009) this is the time, where you have to push through and keep working towards your goal. To help you reach your goal Taylor suggests some motivational tricks:
Focus on your long-term goalsHave a training partnerFocus on the greatest competitorMotivational cuesSet goalsDaily questionsThe heart of motivation Krahn (2014) suggests that for motivation to really work, the motivational factor must be intrinsic. If they are, some things that may help keeping you motivated could b…

Motivation - what works and how to keep it? Part 1

Motivation is crucial when it comes to sport and working out. But how do you find the motivation to start? How do you keep it, and what motivates you?

Before you start anything, it's important to find out what type of sport or exercise that motivates you. Kilpatrick et al (2005) did a study on college students and their motivation in relation to sports participation and exercise. They found that students participating in sports were motivated by intrinsic motives like enjoyment and challenge. However, students' motivation for exercise were extrinsic, as they were more focused on weight and stress management, as well as physical appearance. This suggests that if you are looking for a workout where you have a clear goal you wish to reach (i.e. being stronger), then you might be more motivated by exercise due to your goal. Where as, if you are looking for something active with no set goal to reach, then participation in sport might be what is most motivating. Ko et al (2008) fou…

What are the best muscle-building exercises?

When you google "muscle building exercises" you get about 16,300,000 hits in less than 0.50 seconds. In my world that's a lot of hits! So how do you find the best exercises if you want to build muscles?

Garber et al (2011) found that there is scientific evidence that in most adults, there are far more benefits from exercise than risks, therefore, there are no excuses not to exercise. But where does that leave you? Especially when it comes to building muscles. has gathered a great list, with all the best body movement exercises for each body part (Gelger, 2015). The article gives the full picture of each exercise, as it is based on EMG analysis and scientific research. In addition, it includes tips on how and when to do the exercises, and also how many reps to do. Have a look at the exercises - even though you are not planning on becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like Garber et al (2011) found, exercise caries a lot of benefits, it's all about…