Marathon Du Mont-Blanc

What started out as a spontaneous idea in October 2018, turned in to an amazing experience with lots of challenges way before the big race, 42km at Marathon Du Mont-Blanc.Leading up to MMB I had been dealing with many minor injuries on and off since January (at least that’s how it feels). For those who know me well, I think it’s fair to say I have been quite emotional about this race and determined to do it, even at times were I couldn’t run.In February when I couldn’t run due to issues with my knee, I knew I had to change my focus in my strength training to focus on building stronger legs that’s could help me get through this.There’s no doubt in my mind that all those hours spent in SATS doing rehab exercises and other rather boring non-Instagram worthy exercises have helped me get through the race.
Chamonix-Mont BlancWaiting in line to pick up my bib Friday before the race, I started talking to some of the other runners; well that was stupid, that freaked me out!😲 I don’t think I ev…

2018 in pictures

Here is my 2018 in pictures, they pretty much sums up my year😊

The year included lots of bouldering

My first OCR race of the year, 19km Strong Viking in Germany
The year included lots of trail races, this was my first ever 1st place finish
Nordic Race Hasle Bakker is one of my favourite OCR races in Denmark
One of my favourite trail races was SkyTrail at Himmelbjerget
A fall from Reborn's Stairway to Heaven at OCR European Championship changed the year

First race after I got my cast off, my hip flexor gave me so many problems, which continued the rest of the year
Best running experience of 2018 is without a doubt Møns Klint, such as an amazing experience, love running on rolling rocks
The one race I wish I had never done; lesson learned! Don't run when you're injured!
Longeste OCR race (and run) at Spartan Race Beast Barcelona
Looking forward to many more amazing running experiences in 2019

A status of 2018

During 2018 I stood on the start line in 18 races, 2 races I did not finish, 2 races were road races to get a PR (15km and half marathon), and in 10 races I managed to finish top 3, so based on statistics, 2018 has been a pretty good year.   
Finding my motivation In the beginning of the year, my running was great, I started the year with a PR on 15km and shortly after it was time for my first OCR race of the season. It's no secret that I finished off 2017 with no OCR motivation, therefore, I went on a road trip to Germany, to see if I could find it, and I did! But I also found a joy for the longer OCR races, which turned in to a general joy for long trail races as well. My race calendar started being filled with trail races since that was what motivated me, this is also where I managed 8 of my 10 top 3 finishes.

The year was off to a good start, and I had some awesome running experiences; including Røsnæs trail (where I found the love of running on rolling rocks and where I got my…

Spartan Race Beast Barcelona

Last weekend it was time to get back to OCR after my fractured wrist this summer. As many know I have struggled with my OCR motivation for almost a year now, the Danish races are too short and the terrain is too flat for my liking. Therefore, it was time to try a new race, which combined obstacles, awesome running experience and distance, I decided on Spartan Race Beast in Barcelona. This race would be in the mountains, just outside of Barcelona, the distance would be 20km+ and more than 25 obstacles, it sounded like a race that had it all.

My lead up to the race hadn't been good, as I had struggled with my right quad and hip flexor, so trail and intervals had been off limits for two months. Nonetheless, I was looking forward to the race, though I was worried since I hadn't really been working much on my upper body strength since I got the cast off.

A few days before the race, I sat down and wrote my goals for Spartan:

Keep your own paceDon't worry about placementBelieve i…

Xterra Trail Run 21km at Møns Klint

Xterra Trail Run 21k was a race I have been looking forward to since April when I signed up. This was going to be the most awesome running experience I have ever had, and I was SO excited. Unfortunately, I started having major issues with my hip flexor at my last trail race in early August, which stopped me from running trail and intervals for more than a month now. Had it been any other race, I wouldn't have been on the startline, but I really wanted to run this this one. I decided to do the race, but started thinking of it as a slow trail run and not race, though that was a lot easier before the race than during the race 😁

As for any other OCR or trail race this year, I wrote down my goals pre-race:

Run slowEnjoy the raceListen to your bodyIf the pain is too much, stop after one roundThe race
My plan was not to stand up front when we were starting, but in the race briefing before the start they told us that if you wanted to run for the podium you would have to be in the first s…

Run Down Cancer

So this is my first post about a none OCR race - who knows it might be the first of many 😀
I have been struggling with injuries lately, besides a broken wrist; my hip flexor has caused a lot of problems, which means intervals and trail has been off limit for about 3-4 weeks. Before that I had been back running for approximately 2 weeks, as I took 2 weeks off training after the OCR European Championship in June, right when I was about to start running again I got sick, so had another week off before I got back to training. 
Søren Hansen, a fellow Goldbear Runner, had organised a race for charity, Run Down Cancer, where you could choose to run 5k or 10k. My logic is that if you do 10km you can get away with running slower compared to a 5km, which means I of course chose the 10km 😂
On Tuesday I did a progressive 10km at DHL relay, I am really happy with my time (10,3km in 44.19 min), since it is a very  twisting route and I haven't done any pace training for 2 months. I started pl…

OCR European Championship 2018 Standard course

So last weekend it was time for the OCR European Championship in Esbjerg. I had my doubts if I wanted to participate, I knew the course was going to be insane, therefore, it took me a long time to sign up for the race. In the end I realised I had to run, back in December I promised myself that I would run the European Championship and then decide whether I want to contiune with OCR or not.

I knew it was going to be difficult to finish the race with my wristband (all obstacles completed), therefore, I decided to focus on certain obstacles instead. My goals going into this race were:

Focus on my own race and keep a slow paceObstacle goals: Stairway (wide transition), Low Rig-High Rig, Pipeline, Flying Monkey, Hammer Nunchucks in DominatorFocus on the positive thingsBelieve in myself and my training Overall, I just wanted a race I could be proud of! 😊 This was the first time I actually decided not to push my running, I had to save my strength for the obstacles.
The race We were too many …