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Dietary supplements in fitness - do they work?

The are many types of dietary supplements in fitness, a simple Google search will confirm that. Many athletes - no matter if they are high or low performance athletes - take some type of dietary supplement. Research suggests that more men than women use dietary supplements to improve their performance, furthermore individual athletes are more likely to use dietary supplements compared to team athletes (Giannopoulou et al, 2013). However, does it really work?

Wilborn et al (2013) found in their study that combining pre- and post exercise protein supplementation with resistance training significantly enhances the performance and body composition. Furthermore, it was discovered that there is no difference in the performance-enhancing effects between whey and casein proteins. This is just one study, however, it clearly suggests that protein supplement does indeed work.

Pritchett et al (2009) researched the effects of chocolate milk verses commercial beverage as potential recovery drinks …