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Fitness Trends 2016

2016 is just around the corner, which equals New Year resolutions for lots of people. Many of these New Year resolutions probably have something to do with a desire to improve health and/or fitness. Therefore, this post will focus on the fitness trends for 2016.

Thompson (2015) found in the American College of Sports Medicine's annual Worldwide Fitness Trend survey that wearable technology is predicted to be the biggest fitness trend in 2016. This includes activity trackers, GPS tracking devices, smart watches and heart rate monitors (on a side note the wearable technology market is estimated to approach a whooping $6 billion by 2016). The runner up in the survey is body weight training, which is so much more these days than just push ups. Gymnastic training such as calisthenics is very impressive as it requires extreme body control, it primarily consists of body weight training, it is seen at many gyms and parks these days. The third trend to watch out for is High Intensity Int…