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The dark side of Fitspiration

Fitspiration is one of the new hip words. According to the Urban Dictionary Fitspiration "is using examples of good fitness (people, photographs, skinny jeans, etc) as inspiration to attain a fitness goal." Fitspiration is great for getting inspiration and motivation to work towards your fitness goals. However, that being said recent studies show that there is darker side of fitspiration. 
Tiggerman and Zaccardo (2015) found in their study that exposure to fitspiration images on Instagram resulted in negative moods and body dissatisfaction among the participants. Blogs, apps, Instagram and Twitter are all full of dietary posts and workout routines. It may not be worded as advise, but so many fit people and athletes posts pictures of their food, bodies and workouts. Some followers take this as advice on how to eat and workout, which can result in compulsive exercise and disordered eating (Hefner et al, 2016). Though followers forget that the majority of people only post pictu…