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Strong Viking Gent

So my second OCR race in 2018 was Strong Viking OCR Series in Ghent, Belgium, this Sunday. After two weekends with intense trail races, I was worried about how my body would feel during this race. I had really enjoyed my trail races the last few weekends, perhaps because they resulted in a 1st and 2nd place, but going back to OCR worried me. I know I can push myself a lot when doing a trail race, but I struggle with pushing myself in the same way during OCR as i can't find the balance of when to push myself and when to save strength for obstacles. Before my last Strong Viking and for my two trail races this year, I have made a plan for My Goals for the races. What do I want to achieve? What is my 4 step plan? And what challenges do I face? I made this plan a few days before the race. My plan was: Follow my plan and be positive Keep my pace and have faith in my training Shake off mistakes and focus on what's ahead Believe in myself and my abilities and not give u