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Nordic Race Strandparken

Nordic Race is only 5km, so it's not a distance I prefer. I definitely prefer the 15-20km races, with the short races, there are no room for mistakes, as they are so fast, intense and short!

Those I have spoken to the weeks up to Nordic Race knows that I actually was pretty determined not to race. Bad planning and an OCR confidence that wasn't too good resulted in me signing up for a 15+ trail race the day after Nordic Race, which I was WAY more excited about. My plan was to go all out on the trail race, therefore, I wasn't planning on running Nordic Race.

The week leading up to race day, I started thinking about wanting more OCR training where I combine running and obstacles, because I feel like that has been a struggle for me at my last race. I was having my doubt whether I wanted to race, the only decision I could make was to make the final decision on the morning of race day.

I had a good night sleep and woke up on the morning, thinking "I want to do this". …