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Xterra Trail Run 21km at Møns Klint

Xterra Trail Run 21k was a race I have been looking forward to since April when I signed up. This was going to be the most awesome running experience I have ever had, and I was SO excited. Unfortunately, I started having major issues with my hip flexor at my last trail race in early August, which stopped me from running trail and intervals for more than a month now. Had it been any other race, I wouldn't have been on the startline, but I really wanted to run this this one. I decided to do the race, but started thinking of it as a slow trail run and not race, though that was a lot easier before the race than during the race 😁 As for any other OCR or trail race this year, I wrote down my goals pre-race: Admiring the amazing view Run slow Enjoy the race Listen to your body If the pain is too much, stop after one round The race My plan was not to stand up front when we were starting, but in the race briefing before the start they told us that if you wanted to ru

Run Down Cancer

Photo: Tommy Jensen/Fundracers So this is my first post about a none OCR race - who knows it might be the first of many 😀 I have been struggling with injuries lately, besides a broken wrist; my hip flexor has caused a lot of problems, which means intervals and trail has been off limit for about 3-4 weeks. Before that I had been back running for approximately 2 weeks, as I took 2 weeks off training after the OCR European Championship in June, right when I was about to start running again I got sick, so had another week off before I got back to training.  Søren Hansen, a fellow Goldbear Runner, had organised a race for charity, Run Down Cancer, where you could choose to run 5k or 10k. My logic is that if you do 10km you can get away with running slower compared to a 5km, which means I of course chose the 10km 😂 On Tuesday I did a progressive 10km at DHL relay, I am really happy with my time (10,3km in 44.19 min), since it is a very  twisting route and I haven't don