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South Coast Ultra

From when I heard South Coast Ultra was happening this year at Møns Klint, I was determined to do the 30km race, and I was so looking forward to it😁 I loved racing there last year, so had no doubt in my mind I wanted to do it again.

The race
The last two weeks leading up to the race, my body has just felt off, and during this race both body and mind was off. I'm in the front for the first 2km when a girl catches up to me, we run side by side for about 1km and then she slowly pulls off, and I never see her again until I crossed the finishline. I wanted to chase her, but I had no power in my steps and I didn't feel like I could increase my pace, there just wasn't a different gear I could change to.

After 10km I was really struggling and didn't feel well, I started debating if I should just stop, a million thoughts went through my head "how would I get back to the start area?", "how would I tell my parents I stopped? I don't have a phone" (they we…