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My Team Ninja Warrior Denmark experience

As I (finally) sat down to write this post, it has been months since filming Team Ninja Warrior Denmark. I have been trying to avoid this moment, but with the TV premier coming up really soon, there is no way around it.

I don't even know where to start! So many things happened at Team Ninja Warrior, and so many things have come from it.
When I initially started training for Ninja Warrior, I was going for the individual one. However, that show was replaced with Team Ninja Warrior. I found Kristian and Tim, we applied, were called in for casting and in the end we got the call to be on the show. It had been my goal for such a long time, to get on the show, and suddenly it became a reality. 
People who know me, know that I have been training for this for a while. I wanted to do well, and I had VERY high expectations for myself and my performance! When I walked up on the start platform for the first time, I was so confident! I knew I could do the obstacles. Four easy steps and I was o…