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My 2016 fitness year

2016 has been an incredible fitness year for me! There has been ups and downs, amazing experiences and devastating failures. I think it's fair to say, that even though I've turned 33 this year, I'm in the best shaped of my life! I am stronger and faster than ever, and I'm still working on getting stronger and faster. A year ago I decided to apply for Denmark's Ninja Warrior. This was the decision that made me work harder at the gym. For months I worked on building up strength for Ninja Warrior. Most of my focus was on lifting waits and climbing, I didn't do much cardio. Then Denmark's Ninja Warrior was replaced with Team Ninja Warrior Denmark, and I got to be a part of the show with my two awesome teammates ( read my Team Ninja Warrior blog here ). Team Ninja Warrior let me to begin a new adventure, Obstacle Course Racing. In August I qualified for OCR World Championship in Canada, which was held in October. It didn't go the way I wanted, but it m