OCR update & fitness goals

Well I haven't been posting on my site in a very long time. However, since we are half way through 2017, I figured it was worth doing a status update. That also forces me to look at my 2017 fitness goals I am yet to achieve.

To recap my goals are:

  • Finish Top 10 in age group for OCRWC
  • To be able to do 10 pull ups
  • To be able to do 1 muscle up
  • To do Flying Monkey in a race
  • To be able to do nunchucks
  • To finish in top 3 at a Nordic Race event

Top 10 OCRWC age group:
Well my top goal is to finish in top 10 in age group division at the OCR World Championship. It's held in Blue Mountains, Canada in October, so that's yet to me achieved :)

10 pull ups:
I am still working on those pull ups, my current max is 6 pull ups, so still has some way to go. It's something I am very focused on and I will continue with my pull up program from July 10th after my body has had a chance to recover from the OCR European Championship.  

1 Muscle up:
I must admit I had happily forgotten about this one (oops), but I sure need to get a lot stronger in my upper body before, a muscle up is happening. 

Flying Monkey in a race:
Must admit that Flying monkey has freaked me out ever since I fell at Toughest Copenhagen last year, where I really hurt my tailbone. It scares me when I do not have a mattress to fall on. I did 5 flying monkeys, at the end of my race in Mike's Gym back in March, however, that was over a pool, so not too scary. I really want to do one at a race, so still have to work on the mental part of that. 

Well, I have managed to do a few nunchucks here and there, but still a long way to go. But as many of the other things it relates to my upper body strength, and that's still a big WORK IN PROGRESS!

Top 3 at Nordic Race:
Yes something I have accomplished! I came 2nd at Nordic Race at Hasle Bakker on May 27th, that was fun, definitely want more podium finishes :) 

It was actually quite nice to do a little status of my fitness goals I must admit I had forgotten about a few of them. But now I know what to work on once I am back (and recovered) from the European Championship. Having goals really help me stay motivated! 

The OCR European Championship was not part of my original race plan for 2017, as I didn't qualify until March. I am headed to Holland tomorrow morning to race this weekend. I have signed up for age group standard course on Saturday and Team Relay on Sunday.
There's no training left to do, so all I have to do is to wait until this weekend and just give it all I have. My goal is without a doubt to get through the race without loosing my wristband. I just hope the weather clears up, so it won't be raining this weekend and so the obstacles will be dry. That will definitely help a lot :)  

Overall, I have had a really good OCR season so far. It has definitely been a lot better, than what i could have hoped for. Had my first podium finish ever came at Polar Evolution in March, where I came second. The results have definitely kept coming since then, which is so rewarding and motivating. Now I just to keep up the work, so I can accomplish the rest of my 2017 fitness goals and some more podium spots :)


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