2017 in pictures

Here is my 2017 in pictures, some of them are my favourite moments, others are moments that decribe the year that has passed.

The year started with me becoming part Nutramino OCR Fighters
Photo shoot with Mads, Ida, Nikolaj, Annika and Leon

My first ever podium finish after an intense 12km race
2nd Place Polar Evolution Race

Spent a week at Mike's Gym with lots of amazing OCR athletes
Toughest Training Camp Marabella

First time doing Flying Monkey in a race, though it was over a pool😊
The picture is from the day before the race at Mike's Gym, as I don't have one from the race

Nordic Race Strandparken, where I collapsed from hypeophermia
Big Rig, turned into being my least favourite NR obstacle of the year, thanks to those spinners

Feeling like one of the fast runners after a 2nd place finish with Mica and Annika😉
COP Run Team Relay 

My best ever finish at a Toughest Race
First attempt on the ramp in Malmoe

My first podium spot at a Nordic Race, which was a goal for 2017
Congratulating Ida on her 1st place

Going for a new 10km PR; had hoped to do it in 42 minutues, but finished in 42.43
Sparta Women's Race Copenhagen

Clearing Stairway to Heaven after battleling with it for more than 90 minutes
Reborn's Stairway to Heaven, OCREC standard course

The hardest and toughest obstacle I faced in 2017, had I not completed it on my first try, I think I would have given up my wristband
Hang-on Monkey crawl at OCREC

Finishing with my wristband at the OCR European Championship standard course
Time: 4 hours and 44 minutes

First time clearing Stairway to Heaven on my first try
OCR European Championship Team Relay

The moment after clearing Stairway to Heaven and hearing Annika, Mica, Mads, Ida and my mom scream and shout in joy and support, it still brings a big smile to my face😀 
OCR European Championship Team Relay

The race I am the most proud of in 2017, I'm still not sure how I managed to finish with a wristband
OCR European Championship Team Relay

Finishing 4th at OCR Pro Team Relay with Annika and Mica
Three happy girls, celebrating with champagne

Seconds after I fractured my left hand, when I rolled over the top of the net
COP Run x Nordic Race

The year took a turn for the worse, because of the fractured hand
Post trail run selfie

First race after the fracture, my body was not ready and mentally it was such a tough race realising how much strength and speed I had lost due to the fractured hand
3rd place at Mountain Evolution Race

Throughout the fall I struggled with my confidence, here I switched from individual to the team race
Team Relay at Nordic Race MX Aarhus with Cecilie and Walther

My first ever race, where I focused on my race plan and not my placement
Toughest Copenhagen

After a few months where things didn't go the way I wanted, I was so happy crossing this finishline
8th place at OCR World Championship

Raced in the Pro division at the OCRWC Team Relay
After crossing the finishline with Mica and Ulrikke

The race that taught me that you should only do races you're motivated for 
Nordic Race MX Copenhagen

The 2017 season is over, now I'm looking forward to the off season and focusing on my training
Nordic Race MX Aarhus

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😊


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