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Strong Viking Osnabrück

So my first OCR race in 2018 was 19km Strong Viking OCR Series this Saturday. Back in December when I signed up for the race I decided that this was sort of my "all or nothing race", meaning that either it would be one of my last OCR races or I would continue racing, depending on my experience at the race. To be honest I hated all the races I did post my fractured hand, so basically the last 6 months of 2017.

Going into this race I didn't know who was racing, I had no idea what obstacles I was facing, because they all had random names I didn't understand. The race was called "Mud Edition" which is kind of ironic since I sort of declared war on muddy races after Nordic Race MX. But for some reason I was really calm, compared to how I normally get. The fact that I didn't know any of the other racers were such a relief, I didn't have to worry about how I would place compared to them or if I "ought to" beat them.

Two days before the race I de…