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Nordic Race Hasle Bakker

My favourite Nordic Race in 2017 was the one in Hasle Bakker, therefore, I was exited about this race. Unlike the other Nordic Race events this one is more trail running, which is something I really enjoy (surprise surprise😄).
The day before the race, I went to check out the course, and it looked good. On the first 3 kilometers there were lots of trail, so it was looking like it was going to be fun.

Before heading to Aarhus for the race I had decided on the following goals for the race:

Focus on my own racePush my pace from the beginningHave faith in my trainingIf I make mistakes or loose my wristband, let it go!The race
As soon as the Elite men were sent off, we were called to the start box. We had 5 minutes until our start, though waiting in the start box felt more like an hour😠 I hate standing in there before a race, it makes me so nervous, I just want to start!
The race starts, and it is utterly madness; everyone is just pushing each other to get to the first obstacle first. We …

Action Run Gothenburg

NB! This race was the week before Nordic Race Strandparken, which might explain a lot of my thoughts leading up to that race.

So my little secret of the season is that I signed up for the Action Run Tour 2018. This means that I will do four races; Gothenburg, Malmoe, Västerås, and Stockholm. The first race was on May 12th in Gothenburg, I was really looking forward to the first race, as there was no pressure and no one really knew I was there, which was a huge relief for me.

Going into the race, my goal was top 3, that got changed to top 5 when I saw the startlist and the names of some of the best Swedish female OCR athletes.

This was the first shorter OCR race I've had this season, so I decided to change my warm up plan, as it often takes me about 5-7km to get warm. For Action Run that's only 8km I would need a proper warm up, otherwise I wouldn't be warm before the race was more or less over. I considered that before going into the race, and it was part of my game plan: