OCR European Championship 2018 Standard course

My new technique on Urban Sky Low Rig

So last weekend it was time for the OCR European Championship in Esbjerg. I had my doubts if I wanted to participate, I knew the course was going to be insane, therefore, it took me a long time to sign up for the race. In the end I realised I had to run, back in December I promised myself that I would run the European Championship and then decide whether I want to contiune with OCR or not.

I knew it was going to be difficult to finish the race with my wristband (all obstacles completed), therefore, I decided to focus on certain obstacles instead. My goals going into this race were:

  1. Focus on my own race and keep a slow pace
  2. Obstacle goals: Stairway (wide transition), Low Rig-High Rig, Pipeline, Flying Monkey, Hammer Nunchucks in Dominator
  3. Focus on the positive things
  4. Believe in myself and my training
Overall, I just wanted a race I could be proud of! 😊 This was the first time I actually decided not to push my running, I had to save my strength for the obstacles.

The race
We were too many elite women to start at once, so we were divided into two groups. I was in the second start wave, which I was perfectly happy about. The race starts and off we go, we weren't too many women in the second wave, so it wasn't crowded at all which was great. I took it easy on the running part, and just enjoyed it.

Flying Monkey
The first obstacle I was excited about was number 12, Flying Monkey. I was really looking forward to it, rumour had it that it would be 1.70-1.80m, so I was looking forward to this as it would be the longest Flying Monkey I had to face in a race. When I got to it I realised it was "only" 1.50m, so I was a bit disappointed. I flew through the obstacle and contunied on running.

I honestly did not worry about placement, for me this was a race between me and the course. I contiuned on the course, through some more obstacles and on to rope climb. This is one of my least favourite obstacles in OCR, the rope was pretty high up, so first I had to do a little legless rope climb, before I could lock off with my feet. I completed the obstacle, and contuined on towards the football stadium. After the football stadium it was time to climb the XXL wall and then it was time to face a bunch of rigs and kill those forearms. 

First up was Cliff Hanger by Evolution Race, the floating walls moved a lot more than I expected, but got through on my first attempt. This obstacle was followed by a pool with beach toys in 😃 You had to crawl under a pole, I was determined not to get my hands wet, as I was sure I was headed straight into Rig-mile 😂

Pool with Beach toys and the crocodile I always wanted 😍
It turned out I first had to complete obstacle 28, the Trail Run 😜 Going into the race I joked about, this was one obstacle I did not want to loose my band to 😂 Next up was the first of many rigs. You had to do a rope swing to a ring, then a spinning wheel, a boxing bag, and then climb a pole. I flew through, and off to Reborn's Pegboard. The pegboard was followed by a super slide and then Low Rig to High Rig. Once again I was determined not to get my hands wet as that would mess up my grip; arms up over the head and then down the slide. I flew out over the edge of the slide and landed on my butt in the mud, but with dry hands. It was now time to face Low Rig and High Rig. I really enjoyed the Low Rig, ever since I learned my new technique, where I hook my leg over my arm, Low Rigs are just so much more fun and duable (see picture above)😊 I am done putting my foot in a ring, it always get stuck in there, and it just takes too much energy and time to get it out of the ring again.
No wet hands on the Super Slide 😁
On High Rig I could feel my forearms start getting tired, I knew I still had a long way to go, but just had to focus on one obstacle at the time. A few more obstacles and it was time to be a Super Ninja. The next rig included a trampolin, two trapez, some spinning bars and a ring. I jump from the trampoline to the first trapez, reach for the second one, but fail to grap it, "whoops, now you're in trouble". I manage to hang on to the first trapez, but suddenly I have my back to the second trapez, I get loads of swing, turn and reach the second trapez, on to the spinning bar, ring, spinning bar and then I hit the bell. I was happy and continued on the course. 

So far I had completed all obstacles on my first attempt. I get to obstacles 41 North Pole; first a commando crawl, under a net, through some anchors and then through 5-6 thick ropes. I got halfway through the ropes but then I fell down.
Thick ropes on North Pole
I rested for a while before I tried again, same result, on my third attempt or so I got to the last rope, but could not reach the black rope that I had to touch before the obstacle was completed; I fell again. Michael and Karina was there supporting and cheering, which was a huge help and I'm so grateful!👌😃

I didn't really have that determination, "I can do this", which I normally have when I'm struggling with an obstacle. To be honest I didn't really care, I agreed with Michael, that I would give it one more go and then cut my ban, if I didn't get through. I got to the last rope, was struggling reaching the black rope, I try to tangle myself up in the rope, so I couldn't fall; it works! I touch the black rope and drop from the ropes obstacle COMPLETED! 💪

Stairway to Heaven
I feel like this has been a heading 2 or 3 times before in previous Championship posts! 😂
Right after North Pole it was time for Reborn's Stairway, I did it a few times at Reborn's playground leading up to the OCR European Championship, so I was confident and KNEW I could do it. I was determined to do the wide transistion, I climb up there, and go for the transition. I didn't get enough swing, before I go for the transistion, so I can't reach with my right hand on the other side. Suddenly I'm free falling, I land in the hay or the edge of it, and I just know this is not good, something is wrong with my left wrist!
I was scared to take my watch off, I honestly feared that it was my watch that kept my hand attached to my arm. I took it off and luckily my hand was still hanging on to my wrist, but it didn't feel right. There was no doubt in my mind, I was done racing! I get a lift with the water delivery guy back to the first aid tent. Hours later I find out my wrist is broken (which I had guessed myself, since I could see the fracture on the wrist). At the Emergency Room they literally tied me to a chair and pulled my wrist back into place - thank you for local anesthesia 😨

It's sort of ironic that Stairway has had a big impact on 3 out of the 4 Championships I have been to, but what is actually more impressive is that I haven't broken anything on Stairway before, as I have had some crazy falls from there, especially at the OCR World Championship in 2016 where I got really creative with my Stairway technique, but this time I was just unlucky.
Photo: Ekstremsporten.dk
What's next?
Yes a broken wrist sucks, but there's nothing to do about it. The OCR European Championship is not going to be my last OCR race, I decided that when I realised that what I was most annoyed about after I broke my wrist, was that I didn't get to try the remaing 10 obstacles on the course, including some obstacles I was really excited about. Right now I don't know how long I need to wear the cast, but one thing I do know is that I am not going to rush back to OCR like I did last year after I broke my hand - this time I will take my time. Getting back to OCR last year was SO stressful and not fun at all, it was an uphill battle, full of failures, and I'm not putting myself through that again. For now the focus is on my 2 recovery weeks and then trail running, lots of leg days and core, and I'm looking forward to it. My next goal is 21km trail run on September 8 😍 And suddenly when I feel ready, I will be back at the startline at an OCR race 😉 
That feeling right after completing North Pole


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