2018 in pictures

Here is my 2018 in pictures, they pretty much sums up my year😊

The year included lots of bouldering
Bouldering with Astrid at DTU Bouldering

My first OCR race of the year, 19km Strong Viking in Germany
Strong Viking is the first race where, I've done Flying Monkey

The year included lots of trail races, this was my first ever 1st place finish
Røsnæs Trail, 11km

Nordic Race Hasle Bakker is one of my favourite OCR races in Denmark
3rd place at Nordic Race Hasle Bakker

One of my favourite trail races was SkyTrail at Himmelbjerget
1st place SkyTrail 7km

A fall from Reborn's Stairway to Heaven at OCR European Championship changed the year

The fall that resulted in a broken wrist

First race after I got my cast off, my hip flexor gave me so many problems, which continued the rest of the year
Oddsherred GeoTrail, 2nd place

Best running experience of 2018 is without a doubt Møns Klint, such as an amazing experience, love running on rolling rocks
Xterra Trail Race Møns Klint, 21km 1st place

The one race I wish I had never done; lesson learned! Don't run when you're injured!
CPH Half only increased my hip flexor injury

Longeste OCR race (and run) at Spartan Race Beast Barcelona
5th place at Spartan Race Barcelona, qualified for Spartan World Championship

Looking forward to many more amazing running experiences in 2019
Running in Central Park, New York

Looking forward to hard training and amazing running experiences in 2019😍


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