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OCR World Championship 2017 Team relay

Sunday it was time for the Team Relay. After doing the first team relay at the OCR European Championship this summer, I was really excited about it, the setup is so much fun.
Mica and I had decided to team up again and this time we had asked Ulrikke to join us. Ulrikke would do the technical leg, Mica the speed and I would do the strength part. All three of us had competed in the Age Group divisions on Saturday, but we had decided we wanted to run in the Pro division for the team relay, as we never get to compete against the US and Canadian elite.

If I thought it had been muddy on the Saturday, I was dead wrong. That night it had been pouring down, and it started raining soon after the runners had been sent off. The obstacles were so slippery, and you saw some of the best athletes in the world struggle with simple obstacles, because it was so wet and the obstacles were covered in mud.
Suddenly I saw Mica running up towards me and I got soooo excited, she had done so well! I go…

OCR World Championship 2017 Standard course

I hardly even know where to begin with this post. After the European Championship I was ready to go to Canada and kick ass! I fractured my hand, and everything changed. From when my cast got off and I was allowed to do upper body workouts again I had 8 weeks before I stood on the start line in Blue Mountains.

Leading up to the OCRWC my body was just feeling off, my chiropractor said it quite well, my body just hadn't been in balance since I fractured my hand. Both my running and upper body just felt off. When I got to Blue Mountains I wasn't nervous at all, which is funny, because I normally get nervous about a race days in advance, but not this time. I knew there were at least one obstacle I would potentially struggle with, so during the Friday's 3km race, I spent lots of time watching athletes on the "La Gaffe" obstacle, my conclusion was it seemed durable. I decided I was as ready as I would be; not much else to do before the race other than just relax.

Race D…