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2017 in pictures

Here is my 2017 in pictures, some of them are my favourite moments, others are moments that decribe the year that has passed.

The year started with me becoming part Nutramino OCR Fighters

My first ever podium finish after an intense 12km race

Spent a week at Mike's Gym with lots of amazing OCR athletes
First time doing Flying Monkey in a race, though it was over a pool😊

Nordic Race Strandparken, where I collapsed from hypeophermia
Feeling like one of the fast runners after a 2nd place finish with Mica and Annika😉
My best ever finish at a Toughest Race
My first podium spot at a Nordic Race, which was a goal for 2017
Going for a new 10km PR; had hoped to do it in 42 minutues, but finished in 42.43
Clearing Stairway to Heaven after battleling with it for more than 90 minutes
The hardest and toughest obstacle I faced in 2017, had I not completed it on my first try, I think I would have given up my wristband

My 2017 OCR year

The year is coming to an end and it is time to evaluate the year that has passed and start looking at 2018.

2017 started with (or almost😉) a long awaited PR on 5km. On December 31 2016 I finally managed to run 5km in under 20 minutes, actually 19.55 minutes to be exact. This had been a goal of my for as long as I can remember; I was ready for 2017!

New beginnings
Early on I was contacted by Nutramino about a partnership, I was lucky enough to become part of the new Nutramino OCR team, Nutramino OCR Fighters. The year was off to a great start!
My first race was Polar Evolution Race on March 12th, before the race I had worked on the mental part of the race. I had spent a lot of time visualising the start and the end of the race. On race day I was calm and ready to do the job. I remember the start, just as I visualised I was out first and in front to begin with. To be honest I was sort of surprised, thinking "oh why am I in front, where are the others?" 😂 However, I came seco…