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2017 in pictures

Here is my 2017 in pictures, some of them are my favourite moments, others are moments that decribe the year that has passed.

The year started with me becoming part Nutramino OCR Fighters

My first ever podium finish after an intense 12km race

Spent a week at Mike's Gym with lots of amazing OCR athletes
First time doing Flying Monkey in a race, though it was over a pool😊

Nordic Race Strandparken, where I collapsed from hypeophermia
Feeling like one of the fast runners after a 2nd place finish with Mica and Annika😉
My best ever finish at a Toughest Race
My first podium spot at a Nordic Race, which was a goal for 2017
Going for a new 10km PR; had hoped to do it in 42 minutues, but finished in 42.43
Clearing Stairway to Heaven after battleling with it for more than 90 minutes
The hardest and toughest obstacle I faced in 2017, had I not completed it on my first try, I think I would have given up my wristband

My 2017 OCR year

The year is coming to an end and it is time to evaluate the year that has passed and start looking at 2018.

2017 started with (or almost😉) a long awaited PR on 5km. On December 31 2016 I finally managed to run 5km in under 20 minutes, actually 19.55 minutes to be exact. This had been a goal of my for as long as I can remember; I was ready for 2017!

New beginnings
Early on I was contacted by Nutramino about a partnership, I was lucky enough to become part of the new Nutramino OCR team, Nutramino OCR Fighters. The year was off to a great start!
My first race was Polar Evolution Race on March 12th, before the race I had worked on the mental part of the race. I had spent a lot of time visualising the start and the end of the race. On race day I was calm and ready to do the job. I remember the start, just as I visualised I was out first and in front to begin with. To be honest I was sort of surprised, thinking "oh why am I in front, where are the others?" 😂 However, I came seco…

My off-season training plan

The 2017 OCR season is almost over and I have started thinking about my off season training and what my next year will look like.

First of all there is one major thing I have decided I will change in my workout routine, both for off-season and for the season, and that is rest days! Going forward Friday will be my rest day, where focus will be on stretching, yoga and mobility. This is simply in an effort to give my body better opportunity to recover between workouts, which is something that I have not been very good at in the past. I am actually really excited about this, and it is definitely something I have not prioritised at all previously.

Training and races
My training week will consist of 4 running sessions, 2 strength sessions, two bouldering sessions, and 1 rest day. It is similar to now, except for the fact that I used to do 3 strength sessions and no rest days. Hopefully this change will have a have a positive impact on my performance.

As for what my 2018 OCR race calendar wi…

OCR World Championship 2017 Team relay

Sunday it was time for the Team Relay. After doing the first team relay at the OCR European Championship this summer, I was really excited about it, the setup is so much fun.
Mica and I had decided to team up again and this time we had asked Ulrikke to join us. Ulrikke would do the technical leg, Mica the speed and I would do the strength part. All three of us had competed in the Age Group divisions on Saturday, but we had decided we wanted to run in the Pro division for the team relay, as we never get to compete against the US and Canadian elite.

If I thought it had been muddy on the Saturday, I was dead wrong. That night it had been pouring down, and it started raining soon after the runners had been sent off. The obstacles were so slippery, and you saw some of the best athletes in the world struggle with simple obstacles, because it was so wet and the obstacles were covered in mud.
Suddenly I saw Mica running up towards me and I got soooo excited, she had done so well! I go…

OCR World Championship 2017 Standard course

I hardly even know where to begin with this post. After the European Championship I was ready to go to Canada and kick ass! I fractured my hand, and everything changed. From when my cast got off and I was allowed to do upper body workouts again I had 8 weeks before I stood on the start line in Blue Mountains.

Leading up to the OCRWC my body was just feeling off, my chiropractor said it quite well, my body just hadn't been in balance since I fractured my hand. Both my running and upper body just felt off. When I got to Blue Mountains I wasn't nervous at all, which is funny, because I normally get nervous about a race days in advance, but not this time. I knew there were at least one obstacle I would potentially struggle with, so during the Friday's 3km race, I spent lots of time watching athletes on the "La Gaffe" obstacle, my conclusion was it seemed durable. I decided I was as ready as I would be; not much else to do before the race other than just relax.

Race D…

A Game Plan for my Mental Game in OCR

The first six months of 2017 went so well for me OCR wise! I accomplished many of my goals for 2017 from March until OCR European Championship in the first weekend of July.
When I came back home from the European Championship I was SO motivated for training. I forced myself to take 5 days off, then I would run the team relay Cop Run x Nordic Race just for fun on the following Saturday, Monday I would get back to the gym and start my World Championship training.

The one race I wish I had never raced
Oh how I wish I had never run that Cop Run x Nordic Race relay! A few days before the race we were so close to pulling out, as we struggled to find a third teammate. We found one and we raced!
I injured my left hand on the first of 5 rounds. Later that evening I learned that it was a fracture and I had to wear a cast for 3 weeks and possibly have surgery. I think it's safe to say that my world came crashing down.

Luckily I avoided surgery. I had to wear the cast for 3 ½ weeks and then r…

OCR European Championship 2017

The OCR European Championship was held this weekend in Holland.For this Championship, I decided only to do the 15km standard course and the Team Relay. My focus was solely on the standard course, as I wanted to prove to myself “that I am good enough”! I’ve heard that the course last year was so difficult and the World Championship was nothing compared to that; “great I lost my wristband twice at the OCRWC!” The last month and half up to the race, I could only think about that one race, nothing else mattered to me! I needed to prove that I could do this, and above all; I needed to get through with my wristband! Everything on my mind was about the OCR European Championship Standard Course, from when I woke up in the morning and went to the gym/for a run until I went to bed at 21.00 to be sure I got my 8 hours of sleep before my alarm went off at 5.00 the next morning.
The standard course I get to the race site on Friday to cheer for the athletes doing the short course. This also allowed…